Frequently Asked Questions...

Wine BottlesSome common questions we get...

We get asked loads of questions about our site and services, some of which are listed below.

If you still have a question then please don't hesitate to contact us

I have my own website, can I just display my menu on your site and still link to my website?
  • Yes. We have created a package for you to be able to display your menu and also your events and special offers with links to your website.
Can I just display my menu?
  • Yes. We understand that some businesses just want to do this - however you can upgrade to any other package at any time.
Do you really offer all the facilities as advertised, surely there are other hidden costs such as charges for you to maintain my site or web hosting costs?
  • There are no other charges involved! - Once set up you maintain your site and input/update the information as required, hosting is included within the annual charge. If you wish you can negotiate a custom help/support package with your authorised fancyabitetoeat agent but that is entirely up to you!.
I want to make some changes to my site - do I have to contact you?
  • No. Once we have set your account up you have full control over your site including the site scheme/colours, menu items, events, details, general information and even logos/pictures! Of course we're always here to lend a hand and to make sure your never left in the dark.
When do any changes I make become effective?
  • Any changes you make become effective immediately when you click on publish from your personal control panel. This will then update your website in realtime and provide you with a live/actual view of your site.
Can I enter/update information at any time?
  • Yes. Your control panel allows 24/7 access to update your site. We suggest though that you do not update your site during your peak ordering times (unless vital) as those currently on your site prior to your update will not get the new information until they refresh/revisit your site
Is the information my customers or I enter secure?
  • Yes. All information entered is within a secure environment via the web browser(SSL)
Is there a booking facility where my customers can reserve a table online?
  • Yes. We have included the ability to integrate a booking facility within your site though the actual application is managed and maintained by
Do you provide an online ordering facility?
  • We are pleased to announce that online ordering is now available - orders are sent directly to your fax machine or email!
I am not very good with computers and the websites on fancyabitetoeat look like they were difficult to make, do I have to enter any special computer code?
  • No. Your personal control panel takes care of all this. Just type in the information you want displayed and update as required. There are also buttons to add or remove information and you can also select the site layout/colour scheme you want in the same manner.
What is RSS?
  • Really Simple Syndication. A quick and easy way to reach and keep your customers up to date with your latest events/special offers. When you publish your site the RSS feed is automatically updated and your customers can get updates without even visitingyour site!